My Rendering Portfolio

I have years of experience rendering architecture designs for city planning purposes and to facilitate the marketing process. Send me some cad or even a sketch and I will deliver valuable visualizations for all your project requirements.
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Maui Hawaii 4-plex

Maui is notoriously difficult to build on, due to the islands tough rules on new construction- especially for a design firm from the mainland. This client needing rock solid visuals to back their rock solid designs, I obliged and they pushed the project through.


Custom Island Development

When a client buys an entire island and wants to build the ultimate housing development they need pre-sales. In order to get those valuable pre-sales the client needed rendering of all their different units and an overview of the entire island. I gave them a hand and people are now moving in after several years of construction so far.


City Planning Materials

Offering several different color choices in the building design helps clients see what the design could look like quickly and easily. My style of rendering allows for speedy tweaking of colors and material types- prototyping is a breeze now.


Increase my property value

Ready to make a change but need a little encouragement and direction? I can take an existing picture of just about anything, and turn it into several options, making your choice in refinishing a breeze for your self and/or your clients.


Maui Vacation Condos

A huge condo complex in a paradise like Maui, Hawaii needs the best of everything in design and marketing. I am as always, honored to help both large and small businesses succeed and thrive.


Dream Home Visualization

When it's time to build your dream home it helps to see what your money could buy. With the help of a talented architect I can produce all kinds of renderings, both 2d and 3d.

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