My Logo Design Portfolio

I produce top quality identity and logo designs utilizing solid research and various artistic techniques. From concept to completion you will be part of the process helping me to get you exaclty what you need.
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Soaring Eagle Studio Identity

This logo was based on the clients love of clay and the freedom of expression she has in her art. With the Eagle being a symbol of freedom and the rock representing earth's diverse landscapes. Bringing the two together with watercolor for this logo is meant to lift the spirit before enjoying her studio produced ceramic art.


SeaB Logo

The original "Sea Bee" is a classic icon throughout our countries naval history. My client wanted to brand his product simply with a tough yet identifiable icon of his own.


Stone Coast Identity

Simple, identifiable, and to the point. The direction was clear so I was able to deliver the right logo in less then a week. Happy client, happy designer.


Airtech HVAC Identity

Old Bikers are reliable and direct in their undertakings, my client wanted a logo cool enough to paint on his hog if he so desired. Being that his business dealt in hot and cold air, this was really almost too easy to design. He loved it and had me do a bunch of other design for him in the future.


Triple Toy Trailers Identity

Hauling three different toys behind a truck to the lake... made me think of hood orniments so that's what led me to this design for the company. It really looked nice on their trailers and their trucks. I am still trying to sell them the hood ornaments.


Gathright Racing Logo

I imagined a huge trailer filled with racing carts and other gear buzzing down the highway. What would look awesome on the side of that bright blue semi trailer? A racing team name and race cart (in this case) of course.

And it ends up being all red, white and blue too!


Speck Star Logo

A local production start up needed some help in rounding out their logo concept so I chipped in to give them what they needed. Didn't take much time or money to take their ideas from sketches to a final logo.


Silver Sage Homes

I designed this logo for a housing developer in Colorado.


Carney Chiropractic

Crack my back and get a logo. Thanks uncle.



Logo development for another housing development.


Mood Easy Massage

Massage is a wonderful thing for so many people and even little babbies. I helped design this logo for a local pro and enjoyed a shoulder massage as well.


Bowling Team Logo

Self explanitory...


Windsor Rec

I designed this logo for a local Rec Center.


Steak Craze

Well there it is, contact me today to design you a logo.